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Business Strategy

Kevin Taggart, CM&AP, discusses the overall decline of behavioral healthcare merger and activity in the third quarter of 2019, as well as why deals for autism services have gone against that trend
After issuing three warnings within a five-month period, the New York Stock Exchange has commenced delisting proceedings for the stock of AAC Holdings after the company failed to maintain a required market cap minimum for 30 consecutive days of trading.
With fentanyl driving up overdose-related death rates among patients who relapse, formerly abstinence-based treatment programs are beginning to embrace medication-assisted treatment, says Andrew Stone, MD, MPH.
The two St. Louis not-for-profits are teaming up to expand behavioral healthcare services for seniors in the region.
After spending four years shoring up its existing business lines, Caron Treatment Centers is expanding its regional centers, entering a joint management partnership for a new property, adding a first responders program, and going in-network with a sixth insurer.
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