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Behavioral Healthcare Executive
Kevin Taggart, CM&AP, discusses the overall decline of behavioral healthcare merger and activity in the third quarter of 2019, as well as why deals for autism services have gone against that trend
Pinal County, Ariz.'s high-profile sheriff offered several strategies for improving outcomes for drug-involved offenders in a talk at the Cocaine, Meth & Stimulant Summit.
Behavioral Healthcare Executive
The Addiction Policy Forum this week recognized 10 programs in Kentucky that are preventing drug abuse and facilitating recovery, including Operation UNITE.
The two most challenging issues in building a network are quality and cost. Because networks today for both medical and behavioral care are far from ideal, it is important to understand these difficulties.
Behavioral Healthcare Executive
Ashley Addiction Treatment and Maryland Addiction Recovery Center have partnered to create Recovery Ready Workplace, which provides tools for employers to identify employee substance use and mental health concerns and connect with treatment.
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