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Bipolar Disorders

The risk for Parkinson disease appears to be much higher in people with bipolar disorder than in the general population, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis.
SAN DIEGO—Children with bipolar disorder who were treated with lurasidone had a lower risk of all-cause and psychiatric-related hospitalization than those treated with aripiprazole or olanzapine, according to a retrospective claims database study.
SAN DIEGO—Side effects were experienced nearly universally by respondents in an online survey who took oral antipsychotics the previous year for bipolar I disorder, according to results presented at a Psych Congress 2019 poster session.
Increased long-term antibody response to cytomegalovirus and decreased long-term antibody response to Toxoplasma gondii were associated with bipolar disorder as well as the subphenotypes of bipolar I.
Taking psychiatric medication did not hamper weight loss in people who participated in a structured weight loss program, researchers recently reported online in the journal Obesity.
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