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Doug Edwards
      Doug Edwards

The Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network is the field’s resource for what’s working in mental health and addiction treatment. The broad community of stakeholders—from psychiatrists, to addiction professionals, to law enforcement and many others—rely on the Learning Network’s award-winning journalism and leading field conferences to make informed decisions to improve patient care, position their organizations for success, and make our communities safer and healthier places.

Through our digital portal and e-newsletters, we deliver field news every day, as well as interviews with leading researchers and thought leaders from our experienced editorial team. Our widely attended conferences—most notably Psych Congress, the Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit, and the National Conference on Addiction Disorders—provide a forum to explore new ideas, convene change makers, and support the mission of individuals and organizations prioritizing our country’s response to its ongoing behavioral healthcare crises.

Through our partnerships with Operation UNITE, IC&RC, the Behavioral Health Association of Providers, and many others, we have created a multidisciplinary community, online and in person, to make a difference. Join us and be part of a wider movement to improve the lives of so many struggling with mental illness and addictions.

Doug Edwards, C-ATM
Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network



The Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network is part of HMP, the force behind Healthcare Made Practical. HMP is a multichannel leader in healthcare events and education, with a mission to improve patient care. HMP produces accredited medical education events and clinically relevant, evidence-based content for the global healthcare community across a range of therapeutic areas. For more information, visit

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