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Credible Announces Free Access to EHR for 90 Days Amid COVID-19 Crisis

March 30, 2020

Credible Behavioral Health, a provider of electronic health record and practice management software-as-a-service solutions for behavioral healthcare providers, announced that in partnership with healthcare tech firm Change Healthcare, it is providing immediate assistance to provider organizations around new challenges with remote staff, telehealth documentation and billing.

Clients will be provided with 90 days of free access to Credible’s web and mobile EHR software. The company said in a news release that it can have new clients up and running on its platform within 72 hours of sign-up.

Among its features, Credible’s system allows users to: access client records and their full EHR from remote and non-office locations with and without internet connection; communicate with staff and clients, including completing and signing documents remotely; create and track electronic prescriptions and refills; and oversee services and ensure continued compliance remotely.

Additionally, clients will be able to obtain contracting and access to submit claims electronically to more than 2,000 payers across the nation through Change Healthcare.

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