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Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale (BSDS)

How to Use

The Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale (BSDS) is a descriptive story that captures subtle features of bipolar illness. It does not provide a “yes” or “no” answer to whether or not a patient has bipolar disorder – it addresses the concept of bipolar spectrum.


How to Score

Each sentence checked is worth 1 point.  To that total add the number below for the item selected. Add 6 points for “fits me very well,”  4 points for “fits me fairly well,” 2 points for “fits me to some degree.” The maximum is 25 (19 +6).

Sensitivity bipolar I:  75% 
Sensitivity bipolar II/NOS:  79% 
Overall Sensitivity for bipolar types I, II, NOS: 76% 
Specificity: 85%
Ghaemi SN et al.  Journal of Affective Disorders. 2005;84;273–277.

Ghaemi SN, Miller CJ, Berv DA, et al. Sensitivity and specificity of a new bipolar spectrum diagnostic scale. 
J Affect Disord. 2005;84:273-277.  Adapted from:


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