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Quality Improvement

While coordinating care for patients with mental health disorders is critical, it is often challenging—or even overlooked—in the complex U.S. healthcare system. Evidence-based care transition models can significantly improve outcomes, especially in emergency department settings.
Fueled by personal experiences, Peggy Terhune, PhD, leads North Carolina-based Monarch with a vision of continuous improvement and innovation, and a trauma-informed approach to treatment for patients and their families.
CEOs routinely make final decisions and hope they are advancing the best interests of the organization. How much should they rely on the team, especially those devoted to quality improvement (QI) strategies? How much should they rely on their judgment?
A new site is launching in July with the aim of bringing more uniformity to the measurement of addiction treatment and helping patients find care with standardized information on the quality of facilities.
The Joint Commission has unveiled a series of revisions to its standards for providing substance use disorder treatment to increase consistency among providers and improve quality of care.
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