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Special Populations

Keeping staff healthy may be the most critical component of a New York City human-services provider's effort to maintain service for high-need groups during the COVID-19 crisis.
As the U.S. population ages, Elisha Figueroa, LMSW, CPS, and Angie Jones, MSSW, of JBS International say prevention professionals will need to sharpen the focus of their messaging when working with older adults.
Newport Institute has announced the launch of mental health treatment programs in the greater Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles regions to treat patients between the ages of 18 and 27.
Greenfield Recovery Center in Leyden, Massachusetts, will treat individuals who compulsively use the Internet, video games, social media, smartphones and other screen-related tech.
A study has found that women who experience more stressful life events in the year before giving birth are more likely to use marijuana before and during pregnancy.
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