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Tamara Beetham, a PhD student in health policy and management at Yale University, joins the BHE Podcast to discuss a recent study on admission practices and the cost of care for opioid use disorder at residential addiction treatment programs.
The impact of COVID-19 and the emergence of telehealth are having ramifications that touch all aspects of addiction treatment programs, from digital marketing to patient retention to potential deals with investors, said panelists in a session presented on Friday at the Treatment Center Investment & Valuation Retreat.
After ending its affiliation with the national Phoenix House organization in 2019, the Arlington, Virginia-based provider has rebranded as an independent addiction treatment provider, and is also closing in on a multi-year fundraising goal for patient treatment funds.
The new name for the Nashville, Tennessee-based provider is a combination of two Latin words that the company says reflect its treatment programs for patients with addiction and mental health conditions.
The residential program in Montgomery Township, Texas, will now be known as The Meadows Texas.
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