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Business Operations

Ali Beheshti, founder and CEO of the behavioral health billing solutions firm Zealie, joins the BHE Podcast to discuss his path from being a treatment center CEO to launching a behavioral health billing firm. Beheshti explains how his experiences…
A quickly conceived, three-pronged initiative to help patients, employees and the local community has helped San Antonio Recovery Center overcome a turbulent year, owner Raul Ruelas told TCIV attendees.
Behavioral health organizations need a data-driven and multi-layered approach to innovate and keep pace with an evolving industry, UHS executive VP and president of Behavioral Health Matt Peterson told TCIV attendees.
The Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network and Gloo have teamed up through their Collaborative Advancement of Recovery Excellence initiative to produce an end-of-year report on changes within the field and actionable insights for executives.
Shawn Coughlin, president and CEO of the National Association for Behavioral Healthcare, discusses challenges executives in the field are facing amid COVID-19, as well as the tools and resources being used to overcome them.
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