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Findings from the latest National Center for Health Statistics data brief released by CDC this month highlight an increase in the co-involvement of opioids in drug overdose deaths that involve cocaine and psychostimulants in recent years, particularly in the Northeast.
Aside from its clinical value, psychedelic-assisted therapy offers important lesson on the adoption of healthcare practices, and its worth understanding how psychedelics have gained support in medical circles.
Data shows that diverse and inclusive providers tend to have not only higher rates of employee satisfaction, but improved patient outcomes as well.
The "Mask COVID Not Your Emotions" program combines COVID vaccinations with easy-to-access tools to assess and address behavioral health conditions.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken shared the ways in which the U.S. State Department is working with other nations and various groups to disrupt the sophisticated operations of transnational criminal drug trade organizations.

Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network Director Doug Edwards shares what’s ahead for the CARE initiative in 2021.

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