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The Joint Commission has unveiled a series of revisions to its standards for providing substance use disorder treatment to increase consistency among providers and improve quality of care.
The Mental Health Liaison Group has asked CMS that the flexibilities around telehealth it enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic be extended one year after the emergency period is declared over to evaluate the potential for certain changes to become permanent.
It is ironic that deinstitutionalization from state psychiatric hospitals and decarceration from city and county jails—major objectives long sought by the behavioral health community—have turned into significant problems in the COVID-19 era.
Advocacy group Shatterproof says a pair of bills introduced in the House that would remove the separate waiver required for prescribing buprenorphine and set baseline requirements around preventing addiction and working with patients with OUD should be revisited in light of COVID-19.
A study released today found that prior authorization requirements for medication treatment under Medicare reduce prescribing of buprenorphine and lead to higher hospital costs.

ONC fellow discusses current privacy initiatives being explored in federal health IT effort

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