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Bipolar Disorders

When used as adjunctive therapy with the mood stabilizers lithium or valproate, the schizophrenia drug lumateperone 42 mg improved depressive symptoms in patients with bipolar depression experiencing major depressive episodes, Intra-Cellular…
Psych Congress 2020 speaker Joseph F. Goldberg, MD, details factors that could influence a patient's response to a treatment for bipolar disorder, and how clinicians can address them.
Up to 2 years of treatment with lurasidone improved manic symptoms in children and adolescents with bipolar depression, according to a poster presented at Psych Congress 2020.
Joseph F. Goldberg, MD, explains which clinical characteristics of a patient could affect their response to a treatment for bipolar disorder.
Robert M. Post, MD, discusses the need for early intervention in bipolar disorder, steps which should be taken after a patient’s first manic episode, and factors to consider when choosing a mood stabilizer for a patient with bipolar disorder.
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