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New research suggests high school students who have had a sports-related concussion may be at increased risk of dying by suicide.

BLOG: Like most survivors of suicide loss, Dr. Sangeeta Mahajan does not want her son to have died in vain. His life was cut short by the rapid onset of a crippling mood disorder.
People with a mood disorder and a history of suicide attempt appear to have distinct patterns of brain circuit connectivity compared with other individuals—including people with mood disorders and a history of suicidal thoughts without suicide…
BLOG: September 17, 2019 was the second annual National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, a day to commemorate colleagues lost to suicide and raise awareness about the issue.
SAN DIEGO—Mental health clinicians should assess patients’ past and present suicidal ideation and behaviors, both regularly and during times of stress, an expert said at the Psych Congress 2019 Suicide Prevention 360 Pre-Conference.
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