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Becoming A CCBHC Part III: What I Wish I Had Known From An Executive Perspective

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CCBHC is the treatment model of the future for organizations with behavioral health and substance-abuse programs. Progressive, value-based and integrated, this care model commits to serve the most seriously ill individuals with open access to care and a "no one is turned away" policy.

With SAMHSA’s new $200 million CCBHC expansion grant, agencies who have considered becoming CCBHCs now are deciding whether to come off the sidelines – which creates questions around how to prepare their people, their processes and their technology.

Join us for Part Three of our webinar series with current CCBHC providers sharing their hands-on experience and lessons learned from their CCBHC journey. For this session, we will speak specifically about the executive's role in two major strategy elements when moving toward the CCBHC model:

  • Supporting their team through great "change management" as the CCBHC brings with it new services, new programs, new credential types, and new business processes.
  • Preparing the team for an environment of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) the likes of which they have never experienced before. CCBHCs are a value-based treatment model and ongoing improvement on the performance of outcome measures  is key to the success of the CCBHC.

We will share things to consider when applying to be a CCBHC, such as:

  • Decision-making and change management support
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Ingraining a CQI method to advancing implementation of changes
  • Capturing and managing the data, including health IT considerations
  • Partnering with your CCBHC staff leads to effectively identify solutions to problems
  • Sharing lessons learned from other agencies transitioning to CCBHCs
  • Gaining access to credit and other financial considerations for the transition
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