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Unleash the Power of VidSEO: How Video SEO Helps Your Website Rank Higher

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While addiction treatment center owners understand the importance of SEO, they may not fully appreciate the value of video SEO. Viewers prefer seeing videos to reading content, so you naturally upload them. However, videos provide far more than just viewer satisfaction. They actually get preference in Google search results. Optimized video, like optimized content, represents a serious ranking factor.

VidSEO provides multi-layered benefits that give a much-needed boost to your website’s Google ranking. Now is the time to make this happen. In this enlightening new webinar, Dreamscape Marketing CEO, Dan Gemp, shows in detail how your addiction treatment center can tap into one of digital marketing’s greatest secret weapons for 2021 and beyond.

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand how optimized video content can contribute to ranking performance
  • Discuss methods for optimizing content, titles, and accounts for top-ranking performance & maximum views.
  • Examine specific examples of video SEO techniques & discuss why they’re effective
  • Demonstrate how to leverage video SEO so that it makes a related web page rank higher
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