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Meditation Apps

The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App

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The Mindfulness App is a tool for increasing your awareness in life. It helps you with the most difficult aspect of Mindfulness practice —namely to remember to be mindful. With guided mindfulness exercises and a variety of helpful tools, this app makes it easy to start practicing mindfulness.

  • Be guided by a voice or do your Mindfulness practice in silence with bells ringing at different times
  • Set reminders at times and days of your choice and get a message when it’s time to meditate
  • Design your own meditation for as long as you want it to last
  • Set Mindfulness Notices to increase your presence in the moment  

Headspace Meditation App

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Designed to demystify meditation. Using science and technology, Headspace has made meditation easy-to-learn and fun-to-do. Described as a “gym membership for the mind”.

  • Change your brain
  • Help you with anxiety, depression, worry, stress, sleep, focus, addiction, and your immune system
  • Daily guided meditations
  • Motivational support
  • Helpful daily reminders
  • Available on iPhone and Android
  • Inspiring podcasts

Buddhify 2 App

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Buddhify 2 increases well-being by teaching mindfulness meditation on the go. This app gives you a simple but effective way to bring more mindfulness and calm to your busy day. 

  • 40+ custom guided audio meditation tracks
  • Range from 5 to 20 minutes
  • Tracks designed for 14 locations – online, work break, traveling, etc.
  • Stats for usage and progress
  • 100+ tips for optimizing your mindfulness practice
  • Compatible with iPhone (optimized for iPhone 5), iPad, iPod Touch. Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Stop, Breathe & Think App

Stop, Breathe & Think

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Scientific evidence has shown that you can develop kindness and compassion by focusing on these attitudes through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. By using the Stop, Breathe & Think App, you can develop skills that support academic and professional achievement, in addition to more positive interactions and relationships, by learning to deepen your awareness of your thoughts and emotions and recognize those feelings in others, settle yourself down and proactively manage your emotions and reactions, approach people and everyday situations from the perspective of kindness and compassion.

  • Mindfulness, meditation and compassion building tool 
  • Asks you to assess your current state, which takes about 15 seconds and then provides a list of relevant meditations
  • A variety of free meditations available
  • Self-meditation timer
  • iOS, android & web versions available

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