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Students diagnosed with depression undergo a drop in educational performance around ages 15 and 16 years, and boys and students from deprived backgrounds may be especially vulnerable, a study shows.
While social media was rewarding to many users looking for informational, emotional, and peer support when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, excessive use led to mental health issues, according to a study published in Computers in Human Behavior.
Zuranolone, an investigational neuroactive steroid, improved depressive symptoms in a majority of patients within a 14-day treatment course, topline results from an ongoing phase 3 open-label study show.
Introducing time-limited adaptive stressors has demonstrated a profound effect on patient well-being, but efforts to sidestep stress often overshadow these approaches in today's society, Psych Congress 2020 cochair Charles Raison, MD, said at the…
In managing side effects associated with psychotropic drugs, prescribers need to arm themselves with a menu of strategies and opt first for simpler solutions over adding or switching a medication, Rajnish Mago, MD, said at Psych Congress 2020.
Psych Congress Steering Committee member Rakesh Jain, MD, MPH, speaks with general psychiatrist Abbey Strauss, MD, MSW, about the history, chemistry, and potential use of the neurotransmitter…
Two members of the Psych Congress Steering Committee have been featured on an ABC News podcast which grew out of a newsman's newfound interest in meditation.
Listen as Psych Congress Steering Committee member Charles Raison, MD, discusses a book he coauthored, The New Mind-Body Science of Depression, with David Van Nuys, PhD, on Shrink Rap Radio.
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