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The bill, first proposed in 2019, would eliminate the requirement that practitioners obtain a separate “X-waiver” through DEA to prescribe buprenorphine for treating substance use disorders.
A recent leadership conversation held by the College for Behavioral Health Leadership highlighted current major needs of the behavioral health field and identified ways in which they could be addressed by the new administration.
In a letter to President Joe Biden this week signed by its CEO, Marvin Ventrell, NAATP shared a wide-ranging series of recommendations for improving SUD treatment and healthcare in general, and also voiced support for restoring the role of ONDCP director to cabinet-level status.
A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, 2-1, that Philadelphia not-for-profit Safehouse would be in violation of federal law if it were to open a supervised injection facility.
The Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts, a private, not-for-profit grantmaking organization that funds projects to address the opioid crisis at national, state and community levels, has announced the creation of a seven-member Scientific Advisory Council.
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