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A joint initiative between RecoveryPeople and researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health aims to train 210 peer support specialists over three years.
At NCAD, Kevin McCauley, MD, explained to NCAD attendees how, much like aviation safety checklists help Navy pilots avoid mishaps, recovery plans protect individuals in addiction treatment stay sober when they otherwise might struggle to make proper decisions.
In a wide-ranging Q&A session at NCAD on Thursday, Cameron Douglas discussed his time in incarceration for drug-related offenses, his best-selling book about his journey in recovery titled “Long Way Home,” and how he is now maintaining his sobriety.
A leading voice on relapse prevention within the addiction treatment field, Gorski founded CENAPS (Center for Applied Sciences), a private firm that provides training in behavioral health and addiction recovery.
The technique to reinforce positive behaviors through the use of a reward system has shown promise for improving patient engagement in treatment, according to Haley Horton and Michael White, MCJ, of Community Medical Services.
Listen in as Rocky Hill, Director of Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment, addresses the dramatic increase in opiate addiction among young people, the toll it is taking on our society, the top three…
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